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When does my curriculum subscription renew?

Answer: Well, that's mostly up to you!

Every church has a different budgeting process, we get that. So to make it easy on you, any of our curriculum subscriptions can renew monthly, quarterly or annually - you choose. Keep in mind though, most publishers will offer a discount if you prepay, so check those quarterly and annual prices! Plus one annual charge is easier to manage than every month or every quarter, just sayin'.

No matter your renewal period, all subscribers will always have access to the same amount of curriculum in their library from the time they begin their subscription. 

As Disciplr adds new products, you will see some supplemental (i.e., mid-week or summer programs) that are available as one-time purchases. With most of these there will be no ongoing renewals. You'll simply pay once and then have access for as long as you have your Disciplr account, cool huh?!




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