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How do I invite teachers to my Disciplr account?

Answer: Inviting a teacher is easy.

NOTE: A teacher is someone who ONLY has access to the curriculum you (the admin) assign to them. If you want to give someone access to the planning tools: adding a teacher and the future calendar feature as well as the ability to manage subscriptions, then you should NOT invite them as a teacher. Instead, invite them as an admin and they can still access the curriculum they need should they also be a teacher. If you're unsure, invite them as a teacher, you can always promote them to admin later!

Now, you may proceed...

  1. Once you have created an account and are logged in, click or tap on “Planning” on the top menu.
  2. Click or tap “+ Teachers”.
  3. For each teacher you want to invite, enter the required information.
  4. Slide the toggle switch next to each curriculum you wish to assign to the teacher (you can only assign curriculum for which you have purchased access to, if you don’t see any curriculum, be sure and visit the Disciplr store first to make your purchase).
  5. Click/tap “Add to My Teachers”. (Note: if clicking "add teachers" doesn't do anything, make sure you have first added curriculum to your Library:-)

Congrats! Now you have invited a teacher!

Please Note: Teachers can also be added by clicking/tapping the “Invite a Teacher” icon within a lesson.


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