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How do curriculum subscriptions work for multi-campus churches?

Answer: The short answer is "Whichever way works best for your church!", but let's talk about that for a minute.

Let's say your church's "mothership" location would like to keep everything centralized: you know, one account, one credit card...one all-seeing, all-controlling entity (we're not paranoid...okay maybe a little). Anyhow, let's say the main campus purchases access to some curriculum on Disciplr and wants to share it with the other campuses. No sweat, because you can add unlimited admins (folks who can invite teachers and manage curriculum) the main campus simply purchases access to the curriculum subscription(s) of their choice, selecting the appropriate tier representing the combined number of students for any/all campuses that will be using that curriculum. Once that is out of the way, admins from each campus can be added and those admins can get busy inviting teachers and assigning curriculum.

Now, let's say each satellite campus is a little more, shall we say...independent. What if the individual campuses have a slightly different schedule, or church calendar? In that instance it may be better to have individual curriculum subscriptions for each campus. The cool part about this is that subscriptions are based on # of students, so whether you have a small (or small-er) number of students at one campus or a large combined number of students across multiple campuses, the price you pay is designed for each scenario - that's just fair and that is the way it should be, right? Just keep in mind that one subscription for all campuses may limit some of the flexibility of managing individual subscriptions at each campus.

So, feel free to go with what works, because Disciplr was designed to make curriculum simplr!





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