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My church is tax-exempt, can Disciplr waive the sales tax on my subscription or purchase?

(ANOTHER UPDATE: The tax exemption issue remains on our list of most requested improvements. To date we have done the investigation necessary to make sure our auditors are comfortable with the technology. We have also begun work laying out the code for implementing this solution. This is something we plan to have implemented in 2.0 of Disciplr which will be available in 2017. We realize this is not great for this year, however the implementation for our current version is not something that would be completed in time before we plan to launch our next version. Thanks for understanding!)

(UPDATE: The team still has this as a high priority. Unfortunately, when it comes to sales taxes the rules are complex because every state, city and municipality has different requirements for reporting and finding a single solution using technology is tough. But we are much closer to a solution today and we really appreciate your patience as we work to honor the law and serve your ministry.)

Unfortunately not right now, but this a top priority for us as we grow and we plan to offer an automated way to manage this in the near future.

Please keep a copy of your receipt and check with your state and local tax bureaus for information on how to obtain a refund of sales tax you have paid. 

We're really sorry for the inconvenience, we know it's a major bummer and as soon as we can fix this we will. Promise!


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