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Tru Ministry Response: What's the difference between Large Group/Small Group and Classroom Edition?

The difference between the two editions is:

  • TruWonder and TruStory are offered in both LG/SG and CRE.
  • Their age levels follow the same Scope & Sequence, meaning they’ll have the same Ponder Points.
  • Although the Scripture passages will be the same, and the storytelling will be similar, the lessons employ different techniques between LG/SG and CRE.
  • They’ll have different activities.
  • Select which version you prefer, or use together. Some people use both—one for main service the other for midweek.
  • LG/SG: starts with small group activities, moves to LG for storytelling and some community traditions, moves back to small group to end the lesson
  • CRE: stays in classroom, smaller numbers of children, greater emphasis on building relationships between class leader and children.
  • TruWonder CRE: Utilizes Treasure Trunk for DISCOVER storytelling time, including the puppet “Gizmo.” Creates anticipation and predictability. Prayers & Praises Book encourages children to keep an ongoing record of their petitions, praises, and answered prayers.
  • TruStory CRE: Investigate resource invites kids to spend extended time in Bible study, investigating it for themselves.
  • TruBlessings is offered in one format (CRE).
  • TruIdentity is flexible to fit the needs of student ministry, but moves between times with the larger and smaller group.


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