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What browsers do you support?

Another way to ask this question might be, why does Disciplr look weird on my computer? That's often what we hear when we learn that someone is trying to use Disciplr on an outdated web browser.

Technology is constantly changing and Internet browsers are no exception. By our count, the most popular browsers published more than 20 versions of their software last year! That's a lot of changin' and updatin' to keep up with! Fortunately, most modern browsers (such as Google Chrome) automatically update themselves so you don't have to worry about it. 

Unfortunately, others do not! This means that occasionally folks will try to access Disciplr with a browser that we don't support. The reason we don't support that browser is, well, because the company that published it doesn't support it either.

So, here's the easy way to know if your browser is supported. If you have installed and are running the latest version of your Internet browser (or even the version just prior to that) then you're golden; Disciplr should look great.

If you're running anything other than that, well no guarantees!

Want to know if your browser is up-to-date? WhatIsMyBrowser.com is a great site that will tell you immediately, give it a shot!



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