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How much does Disciplr cost?

Answer: Disciplr is FREE! Yup, you read that right. Just like iTunes or the Kindle App on your device, Disciplr is simply the software that powers interactive curriculum.

The only thing you pay for is the curriculum itself. There are a couple of different ways to purchase access to curriculum that is sold on Disciplr:

  1. Student-based Subscriptions: This pricing is typically for curriculum that spans multiple years. Because your classrooms or age-level groups may vary in size from time to time we have created 10 different student tiers to fit your budget. Choose the tier that represents the closest average number of students who will be using that curriculum. Next, choose whether you want to pay monthly, quarterly or annually (keep in mind, there may be a discount for paying for quarterly and/or annually)
  2. A la carte: A fancy French word that means, you pick one product, you pay one time (at least that's how we define it). As we add new curriculum products to Disciplr you will find some that only span a few weeks or one quarter. In these instances, you will see one price. Pay that price and it's yours to use as long as you don't delete your Disciplr account. Note: some A la carte products may still be priced according to classroom or age-level tier.
  3. Bundle Discounts: We work hard to get you the best prices. That means we ask publishers to provide you an additional discount if you buy more than one of their products at the same time. Keep that in mind while you're shopping, if you are considering that additional age level it might make sense to purchase access to both simultaneously to take advantage of this discount. Bundling only works when two or more products from the same publisher are purchased in the same transaction. Note: not all publishers participate in the bundling discount program.
  4. Promotions: From time to time, Disciplr will work with publishers to offer special promotional pricing and sales on curriculum products. Keep an eye on your account and your email account for these special offerings.

One final note, Disciplr does NOT set the prices of the curriculum sold in its store. We leave that heavy lifting up to each publisher and/or ministry. We do appreciate your feedback though, so please let us know how you feel about our pricing so we can pass it along to the publisher.

We believe digital curriculum should be cheaper than print, that just makes sense!


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