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Why can't I see all of the lessons for the curriculum I have subscribed to?

Answer: When purchasing via Disciplr, you are gaining access to not just a great curriculum but the power of Disciplr's teacher management and lesson scheduling tools (coming soon) at no extra charge! Like many subscription programs for digital content, your purchase price is for a license to use the curriculum you are subscribing to for the period covered by your payment (monthly, quarterly or annual payments alike) and is subject to our Terms of Use and does not imply a transfer of ownership of the curriculum itself. In short, keeping your subscription current will guarantee uninterrupted access to both the curriculum as well as the features offered via the Disciplr interactive platform.

Okay, but I have prepaid for an annual subscription and I don't see a full year in my library, why not?

An annual subscription will give you continued access to your curriculum for a full twelve months. If you purchased access to a Sunday School curriculum that spans a two or three year period and you maintain an active subscription you will be able to move through all corresponding quarters without interruption. For these longer curriculum products we will always do our best to work with publishers to ensure that you can access no less than two full quarters of curriculum at a time and in many cases you will have access to three quarters (past, current, next) at one time, that's nine full months!

Again, as your subscription progresses, the next quarter will automatically be added to your library a full quarter in advance, while we expire the oldest quarter to keep things clean and organized for you to follow the recommended scope and sequence. 

Other curriculum products such as group studies or supplemental curriculum may span less than two quarters. Access to these products is typically sold as a one-time purchase instead of a subscription and you will have all available lessons  within your library...FOREVER (unless of course you delete your account or in the event that Jesus returns, but then you won't need it anymore anyhow!)


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