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Alright, you might be that one guy that actually likes downloading all of those files and building a PowerPoint deck or ProPresenter presentation. If you're like the rest of us, there just isn't enough time in the day! Since Disciplr already has most of the content necessary to create a lesson-specific presentation (and an incredible design team), we are going to soon give you a simple, customizable presentation for each lesson. This will be amazing, just you wait and see!

In the meantime, for you ProPresenter and PowerPoint users, if your curriculum's publisher has provided presentation slides (such as PowerPoint) they will be referenced in the lesson and/or available in your curriculum's resource library.


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    Martha Kim
    are there any updates on this? trying to allow teachers to use either ipads or something to show the images in class so I don't have to print the pictures. Any ideas??
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    Zendesk Support
    Hey Martha. Thanks for checking in on this. We haven't forgotten about the idea. If you are in the Resource Library for a lesson on your iPad and you click the "View" button next to an image it should open in a separate window. If you do this for all images associated with a lesson prior to class then you should be able to swipe between images. Let us know if that suggestion helps. We are still thinking through how we can best facilitate presentation since so many churches use 3rd party software to build and present their own slides.
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