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Interactive Bible studies

And now a moment of silence in honor of all the trees that have died in the name of Bible study...

Seriously, Bible study requires a lot of paper!

  1. Bible
  2. Notebook/Journal
  3. Workbook
  4. Book-book
  5. Coffee cup (if you're studying at Starbucks)

We know, we know, we all love the feel of our Bible and writing in our journal - we do too! But, sometimes they're just not convenient - especially if we are in a group setting (like small groups, life groups, etc.). Many people are already going to group study with only their mobile device in hand. We use YouVersion for the Bible, some kind of note taking tool for capturing our thoughts and then probably a paper workbook along with a set of DVD's that our group leader keeps at their house.

Just imagine being able to access all of that in one beautiful format (except for the coffee part!) and using your same Disciplr account, wouldn't that be awesome? Well it's in the works and when it happens we'll let you know...more to come!


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