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Downloadable file bundles

Are you a "file-hoarder?" Has your previous experience with other digital curriculum products forced you into a habit of downloading everything to your computer and then trying to wrangle all of those hundreds of gigabytes worth of files, hoping your hard drive never crashes?

Yeah, we get it.

With Disciplr, each lesson has it's own Resource Library, dividing resources into two sections, those specific to that lesson and all other resources. Presently, we do not offer the ability to download all of these files at once. In many ways this is a nice feature because you no longer have to worry about resources disappearing after a certain amount of time. As long as your subscription is current, you'll always have access to the resources you need for your curriculum (within the time frame currently loaded in your library).

We do understand that some folks still want to be able to download a bundle of files (i.e., all resources for one lesson) because it will save them time. With our sortable Resources list inside of the Resource Library found in every lesson, you can now download any/all files by selecting the file(s) you want and clicking the "Export to ZIP" link. Or, you can click the "View" button for any file and preview the file in a new tab in your browser (note: most browsers support this function, although your mileage may vary, clicking view could initiate a download to your local computer, FYI).



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