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Want to know how to play ZONK!? Here's how:


To play, divide the children into two teams (for example, girls versus boys). Ask one team a question (while showing the corresponding slide) and have the kids from that team raise their hands to answer. If a child answers correctly, have him pull a card (or cards) from the bag. He can grab as many cards as he (and his team) wants, and the point values will be added to the team’s score. But if the player pulls a “ZONK!” card, his team loses all of its points!

If the child draws a “Challenge Card” the whole team must act out the challenge to get the amount of points written on the card. Everyone on the team must participate in the challenge or the team loses the amount of points written on the card.

Optional: If the child draws “The Wheel” card, she gets the chance to spin the ZONK! Wheel. The wheel will stop spinning at one of the following four categories: “Remember Verse” (recite the current Remember Verse perfectly from memory), “Leader Trivia” (answer a question about a leader in the room), “History” (answer an old ZONK! question), or “Sword Drill” (locate a specific passage in the Bible in 30 seconds or less). After successfully answering the question or completing the challenge, the player’s team will either double its points or earn a very large number of points (such as 15,000). The ZONK! Wheel can only be used once per game.

After you’ve asked all of the questions, the team with the most points wins!


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