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Can I print the material on Disciplr?

Sure! With Disciplr, you’ll never NEED to print lessons, but we understand that sometimes you’ll want that option. We even give you a convenient Print Lesson button in the top right of every lesson to make printing straight from Disciplr fast and simple. Most student resources and handouts are already formatted for easy printing too.

However, we ask that you only use this material for your and your church’s educational purposes! To keep things on the up and up, here are a few other things we ask you to avoid:  

  1. Please don’t reproduce and distribute your printed copies for any purpose other than what you paid for (which is use in the church classroom).
  2. Leave the selling to us. Don’t try to sell or supply these copies to anyone else!
  3. Lastly, please do not modify any of the material provided on our site unless that publisher says it is okay (some publishers provide customizable documents—feel free to edit these!).

Feel free to contact us with any further printing questions if you are still unsure on anything! :-) 


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