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How can I use the digital copies I downloaded from Disciplr?

Most of our resources are downloadable to your computer, which means you have a digital copy that “sits” on your hard drive.  You can use these copies for your ministry and personally as long as your subscription to those materials on Disciplr is active (but please don’t share them with anyone else!). Once your subscription ends, we ask that you please delete these copies from your computer. However, if you got the digital copies for free (or with a one-time purchase), you can you use them for your ministry purposes for as long as your account with Disciplr is active and up-to-date (even if you don’t purchase a subscription). That’s so we can inform you of important information related to those materials later on, if we need to.

P.S. Worried about space on your hard drive? No need! All of your content can live directly on Disciplr for you to access as long as your account is active (and you can stream videos or audio straight from our site!).


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