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Tru Ministry Response: What is the purpose of the At Home Weekly?

What is the purpose of the At Home Weekly?

This resource is designed to serve as a bridge between families and the church. This weekly can equip parents to not only know what their children are learning at church, but helps them to become their kids’ primary spiritual leaders. No matter what their own faith background is, parents are able to preteach the biblical content and lead discussions at home with their family. The AHW has undergone a redesign to add brief information for families about what was taught that day, as well as what’s ahead in the coming week. The weekly is provided in a fully customizable format so you can add details about your specific ministry or tailor it however you wish.


What are some ways to get this resource out to my families?

There are many ways to provide this helpful resource.

  • Print it and send it home with kids after the blessing
  • Save as a PDF and email it to parents
  • Print copies and place them at your entrance
  • Bulletin insert


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